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Business Consultants


Mark World Venture assists buyers and sellers of privately held business in the buying and selling process. We estimate the value of the business; advertise it for sale with or without disclosing its identity; handle the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions, and negotiations with prospective buyers; facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation and assist with the business sale.

We provide a conventional full-service, commission-based brokerage relationship under a signed agreement with a seller or "buyer representation" agreement with a buyer.

Mark World Venture works to facilitate the transaction and deals with both parties on the same level of trust. Company leverages new media and innovative strategies to deliver opportunities to stable and emerging domestic and international markets.


Types of services we offer:

• Assist client in establishing a MPSP Value- Most Probable Selling Price Valuation
• Conduct buyer searches
• Exposure - Marketing the business to prospective buyers
• Screen buyers for ability to complete a purchase
• Coordinate negotiations and provide deal structuring advice
• Provide overall deal management to guide the client through the entire process
• Help maintain confidentiality of the sale
• Hourly Consulting for a fee, based on the client's needs


Mark World Venture allows owners to stay focused on running their business during the sale process.



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