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Equity Solutions


Our equity solutions help our clients raise funds by selling equity to a financial or strategic investor. There are multiple ways of raising capital for a company. Choosing the right source can become a source of strategic advantage.

To enable, one needs an advisor that can scan the entire array of possible sources and come back with an independent view on what is best for the company.

Resurgent offers a complete suite of equity solutions that include advice on Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, divestitures and LBOs.

The driving factors behind Mark World Venture’s superior equity solutions are:

• Deal structuring skills

Resurgent's in-depth deal structuring skills & experience help execute the most complex of equity deals by designing win-win solutions.

• Investor relationships

Resurgent has strong ties with private equity firms and investments banks that help it get early visibility into attractive opportunities.

• End-to-end deal support

Resurgent provides a hand-on approach to each deal, right from its origination to closure.


Two of the key areas of equity solutions are Private Equity placements and Mergers & Acquisitions. In each of these, Resurgent has developed deep domain knowledge through its deal experience over time.


Private Equity

Our hands-on and knowledge based approach to the financial and investing markets has enabled our team to develop a deep understanding of private equity funds. Leveraging this, we provide objective and unbiased counsel on buy outs to our clients. Regardless of the situation, we always tell our clients what we think is in their best interests. The client could be the management team, private equity house or exiting vendor.

Private equity transactions can be complex, with a number of moving parts. This is the reason Resurgent provides a complete solution for private equity deals, supporting our clients through each and every stage, including:

• Collateral Preparation
• Road Show and Investor Short listing
• Assisting in Analyzing Term Sheet
• Due Diligence and Closure
• Structuring of received funding



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