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International Marketing


International marketing is a serious issue for most growing companies in today's interconnected global economy. Whether to enter in to Global market or not, where to and how to, are the major questions for companies willing to expand into international markets.

MARK WORLD provides expert solutions to all those questions and help clients to expand in to international market with sustainable and profitable sales growth. We provide end-to-end solutions right from identifying the target market to developing entry strategies which gives client a rapid success in International Market.

Our international marketing consultingpractice covers

International Market Research

Our research experts conduct International market research to identify target market and market situation analysis that help clients in developing entry strategy. We have wide network of primary and secondary sources globally which enable us to conduct market research within any Global geographic location.


International Marketing Strategy

We help client in developing International marketing strategies including market entry strategy, positioning strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy and promotional strategy according to target market needs that helps client in entering and developing international market faster and with sustainable sales growth.


Implementation Support

We do not keep our clients in middle of the way but also help them to reach at the destination by providing strategy implementation support. Our experts work with client at each stage of strategy implementation to produce expected results and achieve objectives.


Our Implementation support services includes,

• Preparing action plan & controls
• Developing marketing organization structure
• Periodical sales & market analysis
• Training & motivating sales & marketing personnel
• Monitoring & supervising action plan
• Performance measurement


Keeping ourselves updated with present global economic and market situation, and also expertise and wide experience in International marketing, we have sound track record of our International marketing consultancy services. Since 2002, MARK WORLD has been involved in more than 40 International Marketing consulting assignments across a wide variety of industries. This involvement provides us with unique insights into international market environment, how they are changing and how they will be offering opportunities for our clients.



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