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Marketing Consultant


MARK WORLD a marketing consulting firm, help clients to solve their marketing problems and achieve their marketing objectives with sustainable business growth.


Founded in 2002, MARK WORLD has emerged as a leading marketing strategy consulting firm in India that specialized in developing and implementing results-oriented marketing strategies and plan for marketing in India and International Market. MARK WORLD provides expertise marketing solution with the added dimension and know-how to implement aggressive marketing strategies and plan that produce results


Market Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business. Without one, all efforts to achieve marketing goal are likely to be haphazard and inefficient.

MARK WORLD is specialized in developing and implementing results oriented Marketing Strategies that meet customer needs better than competitors and develop long-term and profitable relationships with those customers.

MARK WORLD's marketing strategy consultants make in-depth analysis of client's current situation both in internal & external environment and collect relevant information of market trends, customer and competition to develop innovative and result oriented marketing strategies.


Our marketing strategy practice includes,

• Business & Corporate Strategies

• Competitive Strategies

• Growth Strategies

• Segment & Target Market strategies

• Product & Brand Positioning strategies

• Product strategies

• Pricing strategies

• Promotional strategies

• Distribution strategies


Implementation Support

We do not keep our clients in middle of the way but also help them to reach at the destination by providing strategy implementation support. Our experts work with client at each stage of strategy implementation to produce expected results and achieve objectives.


Our Implementation support services includes,

• preparing action plan and controls

• Developing marketing organization structure

• Implementing and/or improving marketing automation systems

• Periodical sales & market analysis

• Training and motivating sales & marketing personnel

• Monitoring and supervising action plan

• Performance measurement


Over the past 10 years, MARK WORLD has been involved in more than 100 marketing strategy engagements across a wide variety of industries. This involvement provides us with unique insights into customer needs, how they are changing and how they are taking buying decision.

Keeping ourselves updated with present economic and market environment conditions, and also expertise in market research, we formulate results oriented and workable marketing strategy for our clients. Not only developing marketing strategies but we also help clients to evaluate existing marketing strategies, identify problems and give proper strategic solutions.


Market Research

Market research is an essential tool for developing viable strategies and plan, assisting management to take strategic decision and identifies opportunities available in market.

MARK WORLD provides various market research solutions to Indian and foreign companies for their need of market research in India and global market. Whether to validate business idea and/or develop business plan, whether to enter in to new market and/or to develop strategies, our market research helps client in taking various strategic decision and develop marketing strategies.


Our market research practice covers

• Strategic Market Research

• Market Opportunity Assessment Study

• Industry Researchs

• International Market Research

• Consumer Research

• Competition Research

• Customer Satisfaction Survey


While working on market research project for our clients, we first understand client's core need of market research and after proper counseling we help clients to prepare research objectives. Focusing on client's research objectives, we conduct market research project applying our inherent expertise and experience in strategic market research for broad range of industries, delivers clients with a detailed market research report with all analytical findings and conclusions, and recommendations.



We conduct market research using primary and secondary research methodology to gather quantitative and qualitative data using wide network of primary and secondary sources to have relevant information and data. Primary sources include key personnel across leading industry players, industry associations, government officials, financial intermediaries and industry experts with whom our research analysts regularly interact to have latest developments and analyse its impact. Our secondary information sources include various national and international statistical offices, online databases and various national & international publications across wide variety of industries and geographic areas.


Geographic Coverage

We conduct market research across all geographic regions within India and Global market. We have wide network of research professionals and partners in Asia, US, Europe, Middle east and African countries enables us to conduct various market & industry research globally.


Industry We Serve

Our market research practice covers various industry sectors in India and International market.


Why MARK WORLD for Market Research...?

Our inherent expertise in developing and implementing marketing strategies and plan enable us to understand client's business objectives and strategic issues behind their research need better than other market research companies in India.



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