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Power Projects


Hydro Power Projects:

An excellent investment opportunity!


Note: This is such a Business/ Project where there is no labour, raw material, electricity, marketing problems, and one can run it by remote control, as it is by professionally qualified hydel engineers and the investor's involvement is negligible, besides counting money for 60 yrs.

What is Hydro?
Hydro-electric power is the technology of generating electricity from the movement of water. Small Hydro is the application of Hydro electric power on a commercial scale which can serve a medium sized Industry. A generating capacity of upto 25 Megawatts ( MW ) is becoming generally accepted as the upper limit to what can be termed as Small Hydro. A small Hydro Project requires a sizeable flow of water and a reasonable height of water, called the head.

The process is like this: Water is collected in an intake above stream and travels down through steel pipes and falls on the Turbines which are connected to an electrical generator / alternator thereby generating electricity. The more the flow / fall there is, the more potential power can be generated.

The Developer will be permitted to establish, own, operate and maintain the Project for a period of 40 yrs, extendable by 20 yrs. Thereafter the Project shall revert back to the State Govt free of all encumbrances.

The project is applicable for carbon credit @ 01 Cent / KWH.
For Projects upto 25 Mw the Government gives Capital subsidy of USD 500,000 for the first Mw & for the subsequent Mws USD 82222 / Mw gets added on.

No Tax on Income for 10 Years thereafter 30 % income exempted for another 10 yrs.

1MW Project produces: 87 lack units / annum on 100 % utilization but assuming the Plant runs on only 50 % efficiency then it will give you a NP of about USD 133333 / annum initially. Your own equity for a 1 Mw has to be around USD 666,666. Cost per Mw works out to about USD 1,444,444. The state Government buys back the electricity so generated at about 7 & 1/2 cents / KWH. For Projects above 25 Mw one has the option to sell upto 40 % electricity to private Industries at about 12 Cents / KWH.

Note: Companies from outside India are welcome to contact me. I shall get you Projects as per your budget. In return I charge 2 % commission. Small time Indian Companies / Individuals wanting small projects would have to pay me finder's fee of Rs 25,000 initially.


Our Working Terms & Conditions:

Mark World Ventures is a Merger & Acquisition Deal Making firm helping Buyers, Sellers, Developers, Private Equity players and Financers of Hydro Power projects in closing right transactions in the marketplace. We work strictly only on Exclusive Mandates.

If you need to hire us for finding the best deals in the marketplace then you need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Exclusive Mandate contract and a Fee contract with us.

We charge Rs.50,000/- Plus taxes as our signing amount Plus Rs.5.00Lacs/MW Plus Taxes as our success fee upon successful culmination of the deal. Any charges on account of travel, liasioning and other incidental charges will be charged as per actuals.

Engage us only when as Buyer, Seller, Developer or Financer, you are really serious to get the transaction done.

For Consultancy regarding setting up of Hydro Power projects and Complete End-to-End services for setting up of Hydropower projects in India, you may contact us at-


We at Mark World Ventures assist our clients in:

• Hydropower Projects Identification across India

• BUY / SELL / JV / PE of Hydro Power Projects across India or even world-wide across geographical locations

• Equity Partnership in Hydro power projects across India

• Consortium & Private Equity funding of Energy projects.




We work on exclusive mandates only depending upon the project size and your requirements.


We give you honest, fair & genuine deals in Hydropower projects across Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka & North East in India


For Consultancy regarding setting up of Hydro Power projects & Complete End-to-End services for setting up of Hydropower projects in India, you may contact us at- or



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